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Published: 2004
Page Count: 324
Reviewed by   : En. Mohd Ariffin bin Ahmad (Research and Development Division, PLANMalaysia)

Book entitled Global Environmental Issues gives the substance of discourse on the existing world environmental problems faced by various countries. Environmental problems were viewed as complicated issues that attach with network of causes which influenced by numerous people with differing priorities. This book covers chapters interlinking human demands on the Earth’s resources to natural biophysical change – not simply a cause and effect’ treatment of global issues and environmental change. It assembles a team of well-qualified authors, who between them consider such important environmental issues as climate and sea level change, biodiversity, GM crops, energy supply, urbanization, pollution, and efforts towards sustainable development.


Global Environmental Issues stresses that environmental issues need to be addressed urgently as they are complex, involving many stakeholders and related to our consumption patterns to reduce pollution to the earth. It also discusses the main biophysical causes and illustrates how socio-economic and political factors determine why and how people use land, resources, and technology, and how they affect natural resources management.


According to the book, human-environment interactions involve resource use per person and our ability to understand the science of the environment. Along with that, this book also considers the scientific evidence for global environmental issues from all perspectives. It includes global case studies from the UK, USA, Asia, and South America and identifies stakeholders with interest in each issue, their perceptions of the problem, and suggestions for the solutions.


The style of writing in this book is clear and non-technical, the coverage is global and the text is supported by numerous figures and illustrations. Boxed case studies provide useful exemplification of general issues.


All the issues discussed and initiatives suggested, seen suitable to be applied everywhere including in Malaysia. This book is absolutely an essential read for private and government personnel, local authority managers and administrators as well as citizens in helping to inspire us to do more in the journey toward sustainable environmental and resilient development. This book concludes that it is high time for all multi-disciplinary professions to make a relevant effort along with some new ideas of protecting the environment such as nature-based solutions, in our long fight to preserve the environment and to save our mother earth from being deteriorated.