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Sunway SPK Damansara Residents Association Comunity Garden, KL

  1. Gardens are grown with a wide variety of vegetables, fruit trees and herbaceous plants
  2. The SPAH system uses rainwater source through 3 methods which are run-off water from the hill area, slopes and special drains and the roof of the compost shed.
  3. The construction of a 3-foot-high crop limit has made it easier for seniors to garden
  4. Apart from conventional garden planting methods and herb orchards, the crops in this garden also use the semi-fertigation method.
  5. The resulting compost waste was also sent to UPM for analysis and was found to be of high quality and suitable for crops.
  6. Organic fertilizers from crickets are also applied to crops.
  7. A cabin measuring 30′ X 16′ was built as a place to share knowledge and organise courses among the community.
  1. Is the First Place Winner of the Community Category (Landed Housing) for the Green Neighbourhood Award (AKH) 2021.