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Community Garden Of Rukun Tetangga Area Sri Perlis 2, Kg. Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur

  1. Collaboration in the community in the success of green initiatives has the support and allocation of PENJANA
  2. Have SPAH and compost facilities on every community garden plot.
  3. Produce a wide range of products from community garden crops
  4. Promote the cultivation of sapphire trees as a way to avoid mosquitoes as well as
  5. Adopting 3R (resuse) – plant containers from recycled goods such as filters, plastic bottles, paint bins and so on.
  6. The use of sprinkler and fertigation systems for the method of flushing crops in the garden.
  7. Have a greenhouse for seeding fertilizer crops.
  8. Establishment of Community Cooperatives to sell produce, fertilisers, seeds and sales of crops at FAMA morning market.
  9. Produces a variety of products sold from crop produce (detox water, SPA bath herbs, kitchen garden hampers).
  • Is the First Place Winner of the Community Category (Elevated Housing) for the Green Neighbourhood Award (AKH) 2021 and also in AKH 2020.
  • Programme : How good is the Post Covid-19 community garden initiative : Series 2 with radio coverage and TV broadcast Bernama.
  • The sharing of international knowledge in collaboration with UPM (International Agricultural and Health Symposium 2021) is a good introduction or recognition.