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Kebun Komuniti Kg. Sungai Pinang Bandar, Klang, Selangor

    1. The Kg. Sg. Pinang Bandar, Klang Community Garden was developed on a vacant plot of land in the area of Surau As Solihin, which was approved by MD Kampar.
    2. The 0.125-acre garden site was started in early February 2020 with the involvement of 30 people
    3. 65 types of plants consisting of vegetables, herbaceous plants and fruits are grown using the methods of land, vase and carriage crops.
    4. The crop yield is shared with members and residents of Kampung Sungai Pinang Bandar which is also sold to the public. There are processed crop yields such as ginger paste and turmeric powder.
    5. Collection System (SPAH) is used for watering plants to save the use of maintained water.