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  1. KEJORA is one of the legal bodies under the Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB) which serves as the regional development agency for the southeast Johor state.

  2. The establishment of the KEJORA region is to reduce economic imbalances, create employment opportunities and economic growth.

  3. KEJORA region is located in the southern part of peninsular Malaysia and involves two districts in Johor, namely Kota Tinggi and Kluang which cover an area of ​​307,744 hectares.

  4. The development of rural areas in this region is the main task of the Social Development and Rural Development Division (PSPD). The function of PSPD is to plan and coordinate the development of the KEJORA region with a focus on new towns, settlement centres and traditional villages in terms of provision of public and social facilities, economic development, social and institutional development programs, development of the poorest communities and monitoring the operation of the mini RTC.

  5. There are 5 towns, 10 district growth centres (DGC) and 27 FELDA schemes

  6. KEJORA region uses the main and network village system and has 34 main villages and 119 network villages.

  7. The system is supported by 32 movers representing the main village

  8. The village management in KEJORA region has succeeded in developing the village based on the uniqueness and advantages of each village.

  9. The economy in the form of agricultural activities and tourism is the main economy for the villages in this region.

  10. Among the agricultural activities carried out are :

    1. The mixed crop project covers an area of ​​2,222 hectares with an area breakdown of 136 plots and was developed by a total of 115 agricultural entrepreneurs.

    2. Pineapple planting project in Kg. Tuan. Seh

    3. Aquaculture activities covering 2660 hectares along Sungai Lebam, Sungai Bauh Besar and Sungai Papan

  11. Among the tourism activities carried out are :

    1. Heritage tourism in the form of museums, cities and tombs in Kg. Johor Lama and Kg. Seluyut.

    2. Homestay accommodation tourism in Kg. Mawai, Kg Johor Lama, Kg. Sedili Kechil, Kg. Belukar Durian and Tanjung Balau fishing chalet.

    3. Ecotourism in Wetland Kg. Belukar Durian and Kg. Linting